The ’nowhere gallery‘, or rather ’now here gallery‘ was created out of the need for a space to showcase international contemporary artwork in the times of social distancing. It exhibits a new artist every 2-3 months and it is located in a video-game-like platform/environment (which can be found on, using the internet as a romantic escape but also as a new way of connecting with art.
Artists can exhibit and join the residency program, giving them a digital studio, which is a playful way for the visitor to get a closer look. We closely collaborate with the artist in order to find out how we can implement their artistic practice into the ‚nowhere‘ environment.  

We are exploring different ways of presenting art and creating spaces online. Therefore the gallery is now located in a 2D topdown 8-bit video game environment, that is constantly being expanded upon and being changed, making it not only an open-end project, but most importantly, alive. Exhibiting or being part of an online gallery is the perfect opportunity for artists in quarantine.

Artists can be part of the nowhere residency program, implementing their work into the virtual world, giving the visitor the possibility of playfully interacting with their art, as it is part of the nowhere environment.

We hope to find creative ways of connecting different virtual spaces with each other and reshaping the digital landscape in a way, that is more apt to the human interacting with it. This way we don’t have to adapt to technology, but we make technology adapt to us.

A growing interconnected virtual landscape filled with art.